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Apr 28, 2022
In General Discussion
Hello Everyone! First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting our site. I will be updating this as often as I learn anything new, so please check back often. We added a donate link to our site. The reason we are asking for donations is to raise the funds to retain an attorney. I have been talking to different attorneys, but have not decided on one as of yet. This is going to be a long process, and I ask for your patience. Matt's story needs to be shared far and wide. People need to realize what this man went through and how it led him to taking his own life. Unless people know how our Department of "Justice" is treating our very own citizens, this abuse will continue, and there will be other "Matt's" who resort to taking their own life. There are many people responsible for Matt's death, and we are hoping that with the help of a compassionate, committed, strong attorney we will hold these people and institutions accountable for their role in this. The local newspaper and other media sources are the first on our list. They all reported false statements about Matt's involvement in January 6, and they must acknowledge this. The DOJ and their tactics are unconstitutional, as well as many involved are completely biased in their opinions about the J6ers, and they are going to have to be held accountable. There are many others, including social media outlets that played their role as well. Congressman Louie Gohmert and his staff are drafting a Bill in Matt's name to prevent the systematic torture of someone accused of a non violent crime, we will learn the details about this in the weeks to follow. He is one of a handful of Republican Congressmen who has shown genuine concern and compassion for the J6ers like Matt, who did not harm anyone, break anything, or steal anything. His office has been wonderful and very communicative, and I am extremely grateful. Congressman Gohmert represents the State of Texas, and Matt was from Pennsylvania. We have not received any help whatsoever from our Pennsylvania representatives, which is infuriating. So, as we press forward to our hope of completely exonerating Matt of all charges, and pursue a Presidential Pardon (from a real President), please share our story with as many people as possible. Please share this website, and encourage others to donate toward our fundraiser. Unfortunately, I have not had an attorney offering to take our case pro bono, so we have to raise the money ourselves. Thank you for your support, prayers, and committment. Geri Perna (Aunt Geri)
Apr 07, 2022
In General Discussion
Were you or someone you know impacted by January 6, 2021 events at the Capitol building and the injustices that continue destroying lives because our Freedom of Speech has been taken away? If so, please share your thoughts. Feel free to add GIFs, videos, #hashtags and more to your posts and comments. We are a community of support and would love to hear your story, or if you'd just like to provide your comment of support that too is greatly welcomed.


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