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Political Prosecutions in America

Political Prosecutions in America. Geri Perna & Bonnie Nichols Join the The Gorka Reality Check - 6-26-2023

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I love Seb Gorka and especially how much he loves you and Matt, Aunt Geri!

You explained what happened to Matt so perfectly.

I clapped and screamed aloud when you mentioned the dual nature of our 'Biden Justice System' when compared to Antifa and BLM peoples not being charged with anything after doing the damages that they have done.

Thank you for being Matt's voice because his was taken away.

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I agree with everything you said in your comment, Lauralee.

Signed: Wendy Jacques


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January 6th was a Democrat set-up with the DOJ to entrap Trump supporters to go inside the Capitol. Once Trump supporters were inside, the DOJ went into action to indict them and jail them without bail. While in jail, the Trump supporters were tortured to confess to crimes they did not commit. Some pled guilty, while others withstood the torture and went to trial. The corrupt DOJ withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense attorneys. The crooked judges would not change the trial venue, knowing that the jury pools in Washington D.C. vote 97% for Democrats. Juries falsely convicted defendants based on lies presented by DOJ prosecutors. Wrongly-convicted defendants were sentenced to years in maximum security prisons where they are certain…

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Very well stated! It is a travesty!

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